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About Us

Uzuri Life is committed to offering our clients only the organic, natural and plant-based products which have been formulated with the advanced scientific research, methods and techniques.
  • Our products are powered by high-performance and multi-role ingredients that delivers exceptional results, for all skin type, color and texture. We provide you aesthetically clean products that are indulgent and easy to use.
  • We truly believe in the safety and sustainability of our products, free from any harmful products and other toxic elements. All our ingredients and products are 100% recyclable and sustainable.
  • At Uzuri Life we are not into wasting money on fancy expensive packaging which then is put into the price you pay for. We concentrate on the quality of ingredients we use and the effectiveness of our Natural, Organic and Vegan products for maximum effect for you to enjoy and benefit from.
  • PETG is 100% recyclable and can be used to produce or manufacture a wide range of goods.

We DON'T use GLASS bottles because they have a higher environmental footprint than plastic and other bottled container materials including drinks cartons and aluminium cans. The mining of silica sand can cause significant environmental damage, ranging from land deterioration to the loss of biodiversity.

Our Philosophy /About Uzuri Life Skincare Products
Uzuri Life Skincare developed state-of-the-art organic, plant based natural products for the people seeking to make the switch to clean, green and natural beauty. We offer stunning results, high-performance, indulgent, uncompromisingly clean products that work as amazing as they feel.

We blend naturally-potent botanicals to create daily essentials and targeted treatments that deliver visible results. Instead of relying on single “Super” ingredients, our multi-role formulas combine a calibrated range of clean natural active agents that work together to tackle the most common skin and hair concerns. Ingredients are hand-selected based on years of experience testing the latest innovations in clean beauty, alongside continued advancements in green chemistry.

At our core, we believe that skincare is a form of self-care that should feel like a treat rather than a chore. Our ingredients are masterfully whipped into luxurious textures that are both indulgent and easy-to-use.


If you are not sure if your skin on your face is dehydrated here is an easy test to check your skin’s hydration levels: Using your index finger lift the cheek upwards and note how the skin changes. If you see horizontal feathery lines this is a sign the water levels in the upper layers of the skin have declined and the skin is dehydrated.


No harm to our animal friends.


WE source and use only the best natural and organic products, right down to the containers, caps and packaging.


Cruelty isn’t in our nature.

Customer Support: 24/7

Phone: +44 3303 219 993
Email: sales@uzuri.life

Address: Vulcan House, Oxford Street Industrial Estate, Bilston, WV14 7LF, United Kingdom.